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About Us

About This Site

This site contains List Price of our products and is intended to provide information for our distributors and customers and quotes for our distributors. If you are a Distributor please email or fax your request and we will process your quotation. If you are not one of our distributors, please do not place an order on this website. If you would like a quote, we will forward your request to one of your local distributors.

Who We Are

Drill America specializes in supplying a full line of industrial and contractor cutting tools to distributors across the United States and the world, providing on-time deliveries and technical expertise, helping our customers do their jobs more efficiently, and saving them time and money.

Our Mission Statement

We constantly strive to provide outstanding customer service and to provide the best product at a competitive price.

Why Drill America?

  • We have been in the tool business since 1923
  • We work hand in hand with our distributors by maintaining the inventory they need for just in time delivery
  • Plants in the USA, Europe, and Asia are producing our products and shipping to us on a daily basis
  • We have shipping locations in Miami and New York. If need be we can ship direct to job sites from our warehouses and plants in different parts of the world
  • Products include drills, taps and dies, reamers, end mills, carbide burs, countersinks
  • We have a 98% fill rate, and offer same day shipping
  • We offer two-day or less LTL shipping in the continetnal US at ground rates and free two-day or less LTL shipping in the continetnal US on orders over $300
  • We have 14,000+ items in our catalog
  • Many of our standard items are considered “specials” with other companies
  • We have the ability to furnish special items not listed in our catalog
  • Once we begin work with our distributors we will create a tailored team to best handle your needs
  • We have one of the best customer service departments in the business
  • We will provide our distributors with inside and outside technical help Your orders will be specially handled by our order shipping departments
  • We will work with our distributors on usage history so we can beef up our inventories according to your needs Your orders will be tracked to ensure future on-hand inventory